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Noam Chomsky ist einer der international bekanntesten politischen Querdenker in den USA. Als renomierter Professor für Linguistik am Massachusetts Institute of Technology hat er bisher über 30 Bücher zu Themen wie dem US-Interventionismus in Entwicklungsländern, die politische Ökonomie der Menschenrechte und Propaganda in den Massenmedien verfasst.
Zu seinen bekanntesten Publikationen gehören u.a. "Profit over people – Neoliberalism and the Global Order"(1998), "Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda" (1997), "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media"(1988).

(if you actually do receive this...not likely, but what the heck) 

What are your thoughts regarding the recent media coverage of the
'attack on America'?

Do you think that when GW Bush says that the United States freedom was
attacked, is he talking on behalf of all of America? What kinds of
reaction to this (if it happens to be a middle east based group) do
you think the American population will have towards middle

Do you think that it could get even remotely as close to WW2 with the

What kinds of things does the American public need to know about Osama
bin Laden and his followers across the world? Is he a hero, or a

When the factories in Sudan were attacked did this help add to the
flame that many middle-easterns have burning inside them that makes
groups want to lash out against us?

Has Freedom and Democracy really been attacked? Or has our Capitalism
only bullied people into the corner, and now they are trying to fight

Robby Russel

Robby, I received your mail. Letters like yours were so numerous I was compelled to write up a brief form statement, that barely scratches the surface: As to how the US and people here will react, that's not a matter for speculation, but for action. We should do what we can to influence the reaction towards some civilized direction, instead of towards the kind if fanatic tribalism that is sure to escalate the cycle of atrocities, with dread consequences. Like the attack on Sudan, which you mention. Considered here a triviality, but not by a great many people in the world, who don't find it amusing when the US murders probably tens of thousands of people on a whim. Same with many other cases, facts understood pretty well when we move beyond the borders. About Bin Laden, a lot is not known, but we do know that he was one of the CIA "Afghans" -- not Afghans necessarily, but extreme Islamic fundamentalist fanatics rounded up from everywhere and sent to Afghanistan where they were armed and trained in order to cause maximal damage to Russia (and probably delay their withdrawal from Afghanistan). They've been used by the US elsewhere, in particular, Bosnia. Now we're in the "blowback" phase. Not unusual. Saddam Hussein is another example, nearby.
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